"Du bois à la maison", the project

Go green for a more sustanaible future

Du bois à la maison means From the forest to home in French. We are Samuel (a photograph and film maker) and Sara (a writer and graphic designer), a family with a one-year-old baby that changed city living in Paris for rural life in Cazlas, a 600 inhabitants village in the Lot department, in the South of France.

We decided to start a common project as a family to share our daily life and passions in the countryside. Books and poetry, photography, tourism, gluten-free food (because of Sara’s coeliac disease), stationery, handmade jewelry and decoration objects created with eco-friendly materials are some of the highlights, but mainly rural lifestyle. This is not about trends, but about a new life in connection with nature, its seasons, wild living, healthy food, handwork, traditions and new challenges and opportunities. As lifestyle entrepreneurs, we’re out to discover, create and write about eco-living, arts, feminism, personal and professional balance, promoting healthy eating and local production.

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