The harmonica and the quince tree

We all in the family love the harmonica sound. The best of this musical instrument is that it sounds beautiful and it can be carried in your pocket. Sacha is fourteen months old now and since some weeks ago he loves to bring the harmonica in his mouth and to blow. Then he usually looks at us like very proud of him and we all start to laugh. They are magic moments, full of joy.

These last days, when going for a walk to the forest, we have brought back home some other treasures from Nature. We’ve got beautiful leaves and pine cones. We’d like to prepare a special decoration for Christmas with Nature souvenirs, as it will be the first time we’ll have almost all the family with us at home.

Also, we have a quince tree in the garden, a very small one, and this month, for the first time, we realized some quinces had grown. They were almost ready to pick them up. Our neighbor uses to prepare a delicious quince paste that he frequently gives us to taste. But we do not have a lot of them, so we do not know yet what to cook with.

The weather is cold now and there are more and more foggy days. But we’re fine and happy, in spite of cold and the lack of sunlight.