Walk and news

Hello there…long time no see, huh? We’re a bit embarrassed that we haven’t posted a single thing in four months. Well, sorry about that, we’ve been working a lot, travelling a little bit to visit family in the South of Spain and then back at home, working again and taking care of the family and the house. Therefore we have not been sharing a lot, but we’re back with some happy news right at that period of the year where the garden is full of fruits, birds are singing… and it’s very often beautiful outside.

The very good news we wanted to share with you is that if everything goes as expected, we are going to be four at the end of the year. Sara’s belly has been growing for the past months and we are, the three of us, very excited with the new member of the family coming soon.


We do not have holidays during August. We are working hard and during week-ends we have family and friends visiting us at home. We hope to be sharing more often during next weeks and months and we also hope that you all are having a good summer full of calm, joy, party, family or friends, whatever you have expected for your summer.