Yes, we still dream about having a big vegetables garden at home, but we have postponed it these two last summers because of work and daily routine. However, we have the fruit trees making us happy every time the end of the summer approaches.

These last days we have picked some apples. Apple picking season is right around the corner, but normally it’s not time to pick apples yet. Therefore, we realized they fall from the trees. We are considering thinning apples to one per cluster, as we think that the amount of apples is too much. We still have to do some work here.

However, it’s plums season and we’ve got one of two types we have in the garden. We have already eaten some of them and some others are getting ready to cook a cake with. Blackberries are not ready yet and we have lost all the pears we had because birds have eaten them when we were on holidays far from home.

Other beauties from the garden we’ve used to cook these last days: wild mint. We’ve made a mint refined sugar free syrup. It’s delicious with just some fresh water, specially during hot days in the summer. We promised it, we’ll share the recipe in the next days.

Take care,


The family