Introducing "Missing & Claiming", our first illustration prints series

Hi! We are quite excited because we’ve been working hard this last time and we have some news to share with you. We are currently deciding which handmade projects will be on the online shop, then we’ll continue working on those choices. In the meanwhile, as this is a cool project and we would like to continue growing with you, sharing updates and news via the blog and social media, we have decided to open the online shop in a special way. Let us explain it to you.

We start introducing our first illustration prints series, called Missing & Claiming. They combine illustration with words and messages about Nature, its seasons, wild living, healthy food and life, rural living, ecological values, books, arts and literature. They have been designed for kids of all ages.

Recycled paper, of course

Our illustration prints are designed in the forest, at home, and printed in an in house factory in the city centre of Leeds, where an awesome growing team assure a great quality, an overall experience and a great recycled quality paper. They are printed into 300gsm white recycled paper (this is a premium recycled finish with a textured look). They have an A4 size (finished print size: 21 cm x 29.7 cm) and they are sold without frame. Why this choice? Well, first of all, because we both have a previous experience about printed projects with them and because this team is committed to carrying out ethical and environmentally friendly practices wherever possible in their manufacturing and printing processes. As such:

  • They do not use sweat shop labour produced materials or garments

  • Their screen printed garments are Oeka-Tex certified

  • They offer a range of organic and fair trade garments called Earth Positive

  • They use FSC approved papers (see

  • They offer a range of printed flyers and posters on 100% recycled stock

  • They recycle all the excess cardboard, paper, plastic and metal they produce

Please note that recycled boards are not uniform and so the color and texture of the board can vary slightly throughout the run. This is because it is made from recycled material, and it is also what makes this option both unique and awesome. Also, colors from images may vary. We try to show photos and mockups as life-like as possible, but please, note that every computer monitor display colors differently, so colors on pictures may vary slightly from monitor to art prints.

Transparent pricing and processes. Your fidelity matters

What about this “special way” about opening an online shop? Well, we are not launching a crowdfunding project to ask for money to friends and families because we are not convinced about this would be the right option to launch our project. However, your patience and your fidelity will matter. How will it work?

We’ve not printed these art prints, we’ll do it as soon as we get the first purchase on the online shop. As soon as the first customers purchase an illustration print, we’ll send it to the printer and it will be delivered in a maximum of two weeks delay. As soon as we get the illustration print at home and we can deliver that model print, the (*) symbol will disappear from the title print on the online shop and this will mean that all prints without that symbol will be delivered in a 2-3 days delay.

What will happen with all those nice, fun, wonderful people that will wait two weeks for delivery? As our first customers, they will be proposed to chose a second different print for free as a reward. So, this will be a kind of 2x1 offer for those customers (adding also our eternal gratitude, by the way).

Free worldwide shipping on all prints

Until further notice, all illustration prints will benefice of free worldwide shipping.

Why selling on Etsy?

We could use our website to sell everything, but there are three main reasons to explain why we have decided to do it on Etsy.

First one is because we have already used the Etsy platform for previous projects and we know it is an easy and simple platform to manage stock, visuals, etc. to save some time and ressources. Second one, because we believe a community is important enough to make a choice, and Etsy has a proactive and incredible engaged community. And last but not least, because Etsy CEO has recently detailed plans to offset 100% of carbon emissions generated by shipping, becoming the first e-commerce company to do so. Now each time someone purchases an item on Etsy the company automatically purchases verified emissions reductions — offsets — through their partner 3Degrees. “These purchases support environmental projects, including protecting forests that improve air quality and absorb carbon, sponsoring wind and solar farms that generate clean energy and replace fossil fuels, and developing greener methods for producing auto parts,” Silverman wrote in a post for Etsy’s blog.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about the project.